Work Flow and Citizen Relationship Management

Anyone with a web browser may be allowed intranet or internet access to the system based upon your organization's security. Users are configured to view only information that is pertinent to their area of work.


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Since every organization has its unique way of doing things, software that is designed to be flexible and user customizable is very important. At no time is it more important than when it comes to saving time and controlling costs. Allowing users to select from a wide variety of options and parameters helps to accomplish these objectives. We design your unique method of operation into the system from the start and provide a system that conforms to your needs instead of the other way around.

The workflow system is able to accommodate tracking by:

  • Department
  • Requestor
  • Request type
  • Category
  • and any other user-defined parameter


Security is ensured via logon controls supplemented by 128 bit encryption. Users are assigned a security level that allows them access to only the information required to perform their tasks. Users can view tasks in all levels of completion from any computer that has an internet connection and appropriate access. An unlimited number of tasks and notations may be added.

Ease of Implementation

To facilitate the most efficient & effective use of our software, we offer:

  • Pre-implementation establishment of tables.
  • Interfaces to organization web site/pages.
  • On site or web based training.
  • Intuitive user setup and administrator page.
  • ASP or local implementation.
  • MSDE or MS SQL server implementations.
  • Automated email acknowledgements of citizen requests.
  • Automated email informs citizens their requests are in progress.
  • Automated email informs citizens that their requests have been completed.
  • Automated email informs employees in the fieldwork of new work assignments.
  • Custom Crystal Reports.
  • Customization to fit your unique needs.


Our web applications are built with strength and security in mind, reinforced by the rock-solid qualities of the latest Microsoft® technologies and the years of experience of our developers.



  —give us a call, there are a few variables that need to be considered.

Operating Environment

Our systems are designed to run on reasonably new Windows® systems. An ODBC compliant database system is required. Often, this means a Windows server with MS Sql.