BuildingTrack makes Parcel Management,
Building Permitting and Code Enforcement easy.

Using the latest in software technology, cities easily manage global resources between different departments. The BuildingTrack™ system allows for easy management and querying of county assessor data. Global resources will make data from other systems available so that the user can see if the parcel has any outstanding issues (such as code violations, building permits etc). GIS functionality allowing users to see aerial photographs, plot parcels, and conduct searches on parcels are built into the program. Integration with the top GIS vendors such as ESRI and their powerful geographic engine is also offered.

The building permit system makes generating a building permit easy by breaking down the process into simple steps. Our template driven permit system uses user defined settings to automatically adjust the process for different types of permits. With the click of a few buttons you can enter a building permit for putting in a pool or building a house.

Technical Features

Unlike other products, BuildingTrack™ is phenomenally user customizable and will continue to maximize the efficiency of your organization for years to come. It is a revolutionary product that exploits the full potential of Windows 98,® NT,™ ME,™ 2000,™ XP,™ and Vista,™ client server architecture, and uses ODBC compliant databases.

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