Featured Products

QuickServe Suite
  • LicenseTrack™ - Business Licensing
    Business licensing with a kick. Manage licensing with ease. Sports integrated tax forms.
  • PaymentCentral™ - Payment Central
    Quickly and easily enter cash receipts. Features barcode reading for speedy data entry. Integrates with other QuickServe™ products.
  • UtilityExplorer™ - Utility Billing
    Our utility billing system adapts to any rate structure and features extensive reporting capabilities.
  • PetTrack™ - Pet Licensing
    Pet licensing made easy!
  • ParkingTrack™ - Parking Permitting
    Track, issue and renew any type of parking permit.
  • AlarmTrack™ - Alarm Permitting and
    False Alarm Billing
    Track and bill false alarm occurrences and manage alarm permits.
  • BuildingTrack™ - Building Permitting
    Manage building permits while interacting with Parcel Management and Code Enforcement.
  • ParcelTrack™ - Parcel Management
    Manage and assess parcels with ease.
  • CodeTrack™ - Code Enforcement
    Integrates with our other systems to facilitate data exchange.
  • TicketTrack™ - Citation Management
    Easily issue and track parking citations, digitally. Save trees!

FireTrack™ is our fire inspection and permitting system. Help keep your city safe! Learn more.

MailCentral™ provides a toolset for the control and management of outsourced mailings. Learn more.

Payment Processing Solutions
PSI’s PaymentCentral™ offers integration with both 3rd party billing systems as well as PSI solutions. Customers may tender payment via telephone(IVR), lockbox, mail, over the counter and the internet. The consolidated payment functions of PSI’s OneStop system allows customers to view amounts owed for water, trash, etc. and to pay one or more municipal accounts via a credit card. Examples of submissions that may be filed and payments that may be accepted via the internet include: Utility Bills, Business License Renewals, Pet License Renewals, Citations, Occupancy Tax, False Alarm Permit Renewals. Learn more.

Finding lost money doesn’t have to be hard! Seamlessly integrated with PSI’s Business Licensing Software; implementation of Progressive Solutions® RevenueTrack™ will provide your city with more revenue for the least effort! Our service will produce results! Our offering reduces your costs and increases revenue while providing you with the ability to measure and manage audit activities. Learn more.