AlarmTrack is a full-featured alarm permitting
and billing system that efficiently processes alarm permits and false alarm billings.

System Description
and Features

The easy-to-use graphical interface allows new users to operate the system with minimal training time. Automated follow-up processing for all renewals, billings and correspondence ensures that no accounts will “fall through the cracks” as in so many other systems. The system allows for unlimited contacts with separate validated addresses, phone numbers
and user-defined fields.

A complete and detailed audit trail ensures accountability and provides users and management the ability to quickly answer customer questions and generate comprehensive user-defined financial reports. All correspondence can be customized according to the needs of the client, and the system provides tremendous flexibility in the billing and permitting process. The integrated address validation ensures that all addressed will be formatted according the USPS standards, minimizing data entry problems and allowing for more consistent searches.

As with all our systems, any system or user-added field can be searched on and combined
with other criteria to allow for unlimited flexibility in querying and reporting. AlarmTrack™ handles any rate structure and facilitates changes in fees and penalties due to changing ordinances without custom programming.

AlarmTrack™ can process credit card payments online with no need for additional hardware. When used in conjunction with our web payment module, the system will allow customers to make credit card payments on their own via the internet.

Enterprise Solution

Designed as a true multi-user system with full accountability, AlarmTrack™ maintains separate batches for each data entry user all the way from receipt or invoice entry and processing to completion, to provide full accountability. Security features allow for numerous levels of access to fields, reports processes and system settings. The system can also be custom interfaced to virtually any CAD system to reduce data entry time and mistakes.

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