The Company

Progressive Solutions,® located in Brea, California, has provided software solutions to governmental entities since 1979. It is with this enduring experience that we provide nationwide service; perpetually responding to new technologies and innovative ideas.

Progressive Solutions,® provides custom software applications and custom programming for municipalities, county governments, non-profits and business entities. Software and interfaces are developed to each client's specifications such that each software project is unique to each client accross a diverse set of different technological platforms (.NET, JVM, STL, ANDROID). Standard templates may be used for individual client deployment modifications.

A separate web site (or separate web sites) and applications are maintained for or by each client, restricting access to providers, users and field agents to those specifically authorized by that client. Separate data bases, reports and other business intelligence are used and customized to reflect the business needs of each client.

Development efforts utilize tool kits licensed from a variety of other vendors, assemblies from Open Source projects are included as needed and multiple development platforms are used for writing the custom code.

We offer cost effective solutions and rapid implementation to our clients as a result of over 40 years of experience. In addition, we provide personal training and post delivery support.

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PO Box 783
Brea, CA 92822
P: (714) 671-1597
F: (866) 936-0963
 East Coast
Charles Town, WV
P: (714) 671-1597


We strive to earn a place in the hearts of the cities and counties we service by

  • demonstrating our commitment to rapid and personalized service,
  • our close attention to our clients’ needs and the incorporation of client suggestions in software design and enhancements, and
  • by being available: we want to be there when the need arises for software modification, or when training is required. You should have access to the experts who designed the software you depend on.


Our mission is to deliver the finest software and support available anywhere. The company’s philosophy is to train and retain high caliber employees who can provide excellent service to our clients. Our staff includes programmer analysts, system specialists, technical consultants, software instructors, and operations support personnel. Progressive Solutions® staff members possess education and experience in Accounting, Business, Management, Finance, Information Systems and Computer Science that augments their experience supporting municipal government.

Software Solutions

Our software has been designed from the ground up with extensive input from professionals and data entry personnel. In a time of budget restrictions, it is more important than ever to acquire client/server applications that are valuable and will continue to remain so in the years to come. You can be assured that our products will continue to be state-of-the-art and compliant with changes in new technology. Improvements and enhancements are constantly being incorporated into our products. Additionally, our clients benefit from these improvements at no extra charge.

Since every client has their own unique way of doing things, software that is designed to be flexible and user customizable becomes important when it comes to saving time and controlling costs. Allowing the user to select from a wide variety of options and parameters helps to accomplish these objectives. We design the variables into the system from the start in order to provide a system that will conform to your needs instead of the other way around.

Our software provides quality Windows® and Browser Based solutions for specific government needs:

All software is thoroughly tested at the development site prior to marketing and incorporates these features:

  • Menu driven software—easy to use
  • Single-screen, on-line reporting—provides quick access to current information
  • Interface with geographic data base—provides excellent error checking and instant
    address validation
  • Extensive reporting—allows reporting by user-defined criteria
  • Documentation—thorough and concise
  • Phone and on-site support are available

Our Services

We provide fast and efficient system support via telephone and through the internet. In order to help customers utilize our software more effectively, we offer:

  • Remote Deposit Capture (aka check 21) Power Point version. Viewer available here:
    Viewer or; Gif version
  • RevenueTrack™
  • Software demonstrations
  • Interaction with our clients to determine appropriate solutions
  • A tech support line
  • System support using dialup access
  • Software training
  • On-site training
  • Guaranteed upgrades each year
  • Integration with existing third party software
  • Ability to provide real-time customer data validations with A/R systems
  • Users’ group meetings (Here’s one at Club 33)

We have built our business and reputation by emphasizing quality service to our clients.

Software Interfaces

We interface with many 3rd party systems. Most interfaces can be up in days as opposed to weeks or months. We work with you to create a robust well rounded solution. Our power to create interfaces for our customers is a truly impressive capacity and is one of the many features not available in other solutions. From importing false alarms to looking up real time balances in your 3rd party Utility Billing system, our software is built to be flexible and to work together with other systems to give you a truly integrated enterprise software system. All of our software programs are able to interface with your general ledger software.

Our most common 3rd party interfaces include:

  • Various GL interfaces—Upload of GL transactions
  • CRW Associates Building Permits System—Realtime lookups and ability to pay off balances
  • Eden AR System—Realtime lookups and ability to pay off balances
  • Eden UB System (Inforum Gold)—Realtime lookups and ability to pay off balances
  • Eden UB System (Text Based)—Non-Realtime lookups and ability to pay off balances
  • RIMS Police System—Realtime import of False Alarms
  • Tiburon Police System—Realtime import of False Alarms

Customization Services

Our software has been designed to operate under many different scenarios, there may be times when special modifications will be required to accommodate specific customer needs. In these cases, we can customize the software at a reasonable cost.


Customers are surprised at how affordable it can be to obtain the level of quality software and services that we offer. We believe in running an efficient operation that allows us to fulfill the needs of our clients at a price that will fit any budget.


The hardware and software necessary to run our software is generally available at a reasonable cost. Complete requirements are documented in the following pages: Server and Workstation Requirements Server and Workstation Requirements.


Progressive Solutions® is pleased to provide resellers with consulting and resale opportunities.