Our partners

Progressive Solutions® is proud to have these companies and individuals as our partners:

Information Systems Management Solutions, Inc.

W. James Hettrick, ISMS, Inc. Founder, has had a sig­ni­ficant impact on the success of the company, help­ing to develop the vision that has since become a growing enterprise.

He has experience working for the City of Loma Linda, California as CIO where he put together the Loma Linda Connected Community Program.

The LLCCP has resulted in the deployment of a city-wide fiber optic network and has introduced changes to building codes requiring new devel­opments to incorporate network connectivity.

He has since moved on to launch Information Systems Management Solutions, Inc. at www.is-ms.com, providing services surrounding fiber optic systems from planning to deployment.

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We are a Gold Certified Microsoft® partner.

Progressive Solutions® is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, having displayed competency and expertise with Microsoft® technologies.


Our prefered credit card gateway provider.

Thermal and impact printing for PSI products, especially PaymentCentral.

Check scanning and MICR reading

Facilitates high speed document scanning at point of payment.

An association of California local government revenue agencies. One of the best sources for information regarding local revenue practices and for business registration networking opportunities.

A community of government administration, business licensing, and code enforcement officials.

Members consist of California local government finance officers. Find out more about relevant field information and network with other finance officers in your area.

A software directory with screen shots, detailed descriptions, and pricing info from thousands of software packages (including ours).

A directory showcasing products made in the USA.