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San Bernardino, California

LicenseTrack & PaymentCentral—Business Licensing & Central Cashiering

City of San Bernardino, CA

Case Summary:

The City of San Bernardino is the largest city in the largest county in California, and home to 185,400 residents. City staff processes business registration returns in excess of $5 million and TLT of $2.8 million dollars annually.

Located at the foot of the beautiful San Bernar­dino Mountains at the edge of the San Bernardino National Forest, the City of San Bernardino serves as county seat for 1,110,500 county residents.

Whether you like the crisp, mile-high mountain air or the warm, dry desert climate, you'll find it in the San Bernardino area. The famous San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains are close by, with their beautiful lakes, trees, streams and resorts. They give the region a reputation for skiing, ice skating and other winter sports. During the rest of the year, there’s plenty of fishing, sailing, water skiing, hiking and boating.

Located centrally in Southern California, San Bernardino is about a one hour drive from beaches, the desert, the mountains, and downtown Los Angeles.

The city has standardized on Microsoft® technology including Windows,® SQL Server and Office. PSI software incorporates Microsoft® standards to ensure reliable, robust and progressively improving software.

San Bernardino business registration staff had been restricted by limited home grown soft­ware for over 15 years. With a staff of over eight members, each user requires concurrent access to registration data on a very frequent basis. After carefully and critically reviewing several systems, city staff concluded that only Progressive Solutions’® LicenseTrack offered the features crucial to their business regis­tration enterprise.

In 2003, Progressive Solutions® was asked to partner with the city to replace their existing system and bring regis­tration operations up to date with current technology. The goal was to efficiently track and issue business regis­trations and to implement revenue recovery procedures.

According to Business Revenue Inspector, Michael Stanley: “Over the years, I regularly observed that Progressive Solutions® was the only company constantly leading in licensing auto­mation and innovation. The Progressive system enables non technical users to pose virtually any questions to the system and easily retrieve answers.”

According to Cindy Buechter, the Business Registration Supervisor: “The data migration was the most painless ever witnessed by city staff with live operations and within 60 days from sign up. Ad hoc letter writing is simple and effortless.”

“Financial reporting of results over any period is easy, quick, customizable and readily audit­able via drill down capabilities. Further­more, the system generates journal entries in a printed or electronic format. Progressive Solutions® is truly responsive to our needs.”

During and post implementation, Progressive Solutions® customized numerous forms and reports to suit city requirements.

As part of the city/PSI partnership, PSI audit staff reviewed our occupancy tax payments and identified over $200,000 in revenue owed to the city within the first 3 months of operation. The integrated and automated AB990 program has assisted, the city to identify numerous non compliant (unlicensed) businesses holding resale accounts. With the business registration/tax auditing module, city staff can request documents to verify reported information. Progressive Solutions® has pro­vided the means to monitor and enforce compliance.

About Progressive Solutions®

Progressive Solutions,® developer of Payment­Central and LicenseTrack, brings heightened security, efficiency and conven­ience to city staff. Progressive Solutions® has incorporated next generation hardware and software technology enabling market-ready governmen­tal enterprise solu­tions. Based in Brea, California, the company distributes their product through an extensive network of VAR and reseller channels and has entered into strategic partnerships.

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