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Glendale, California
Police Department

AlarmTrack—Alarm Permitting & False Alarm Billing

City of Glendale, CA

Case Summary

The City of Glendale is a full-service city in Los Angeles County, California with a population of 200,859 making it the third largest city in Los Angeles County and the seventeenth largest city in the state of California.

It lies at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley, is bisected by the Verdugo Mountains, and is a suburb in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The city is policed by the Glendale Police Department.

Glendale is famous for having helped father in conjunction with Burbank the emerging age of aviation, with its now defunct Grand Central Airport.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, located in Glendale, contains the remains of many celebrities and local residents. It is famous as the pioneer of a new style of cemetery.

With over 20,000 alarm permits, Glendale has a real need to efficiently handle the many residential & business permits and their various rate structures.

In order to be able to track alarm history at any location, historical information is kept readily available for an indefinite number of years so that users are able to quickly look up an address while on the phone and view complete detailed payment information and all correspondence including letters, documents etc. relating to that location.

The city has standardized on Microsoft® technology including Windows,® SQL Server and Office. PSI software incorporates Microsoft® stan­dards to ensure reliable, robust and progressively improving software.

Alarm Billing staff at the City of Glendale Police Department had suffered for several years from a city developed alarm per­mitting/false alarm billing program written in File Maker Pro. It had been cumbersome and

did not have features for late fees, tiered billing or ways to sort and match information. Inefficiencies of the systems resulted in addi­tional labor and missed revenue opportunities. This led the city to search for a full featured software application that could integrate with their general ledger package, provide flexible ad hoc reporting and offer the efficient means to notify and track individual account activity. No other vendor customer references ap­proached the high level of satisfaction voiced by PSI AlarmTrack™ customers.

AlarmTrack,™ the alarm per­mitting system from Progressive Solutions® has enabled the City to automate their false alarm billing by obtaining false alarm data directly from the Tiburon police computer aided dispatch system. Where previously false alarm billing required 24 staff labor hours to get out, now in 20 minutes the deed is done. The AlarmTrack™ package enables the city to obtain answers and make operating changes without programming or additional cost. Upgrades and minimal report customizations are included in the annual support fee so that ad hoc re­quire­ments do not require additional mid year budgeting.

The Future

As needs and technologies continue to evolve at the City of Glendale Police Department, Maria Perez-Hernandez, the Alarm Billing coordinator, is confident that Progressive Solutions® will be there to assist the city with their changing needs and to continue with the ongoing stream of improvements. “Maria Perez-Hernandez, my alarm billing represen­tative loves the system and has directly benefitted from all the time saved!”

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