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Alhambra, California

LicenseTrack—Business Licensing with Web Renewals,
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PetTrack—Pet Licensing, Field Enforcement

City of Alhambra, CA

Case Summary

Alhambra is named after Washington Irving’s book Tales of the Alhambra, not after the Alhambra palace itself. Alhambra was founded as a suburb of Los Angeles in 1903.

Alhambra’s main business district, at the intersection of Main and Garfield, has been a center of commerce since 1895. By the 1950s, it had taken on an upscale look and was the place to go in the San Gabriel Valley. While many of the classic historical buildings have been torn down over the years, the rebuilding of Main Street has led to numerous dining, retail, and entertainment establishments.

Car dealerships are the largest contributor to the local economy. Many car brands can be found in Alhambra such as BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Jeep, and Chrysler. In recent years there has been an effort to revitalize Main St. from Atlantic Blvd. to Garfield Ave. Many new restaurants have been opening on Main St. and a push toward an “old town” feel in the financial district has taking root.

The City of Alhambra staff has successfully utilized Progressive Solutions’® LicenseTrack™ business licensing application since July 2014. In addition to LicenseTrack, they now also use:

  • LicenseTrack™ Permit
  • LicenseTrack™ Web Apps and Renewals
  • RevenueTrack™
  • Pay­mentCentral™
  • Parking­Track™
  • Parking­Track™ Web apps and renewals

  • AlarmTrack™
  • AlarmTrack™ Web Apps and Renewals
  • MemberTrack™
  • Member­Track™ Web Apps and Renewals

    Their prior system had reached a point of inconvenient obsolescence; requiring expen­sive upgrades, and lengthy beta testing in order to meet modern standards of efficiency. The sheer number of tax payers made it desirable to streamline management of this form of taxation while simultaneously reducing staff complications.

    After reviewing PSI’s custom-fitted solutions, and comparing ratings and other solutions (PSI has over a decade of highest ratings by independent surveys), city staff was convinced that Progressive Solutions’® LicenseTrack™ was their obvious choice. Staff may readily identify accounts with outstanding tax periods and follow up appropriately with automatic form letters. Penalties calculations, interest, and administrative fees are all performed auto­matically upon the click of button.

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