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Wichita, Kansas

LicenseTrack, PetTrack & Ca$hierCentral —
Cashiering, Business & Pet Licensing

City of Wichita, KS

Case Summary:

The City of Wichita (pop. 360,715) is the largest city in Kansas. Approximately 1 million people live within 100 miles of Wichita and 706,559 reside within 50 miles. Population projections by the Planning Department are 370,992 in 2010 and 393,776 in 2020.

A regional center of business, healthcare and entertainment, Wichita’s population growth has been steady for the past two decades. The majority of recent growth has occurred along the far west/northwest and east/northeast peripheries of the city, and into the unin­corporated portions of the county.

European explorers may have first visited the area in 1541. By 1886, Wichita was incor­porated as a city of first class, and was estab­lished as the region’s principal city. World War II resulted in a population explosion. Activation of McConnell Air Force Base in 1951 attracted thousands more.

The entrepreneurial spirit that prompted Wichita’s founding continued in the develop­ment of several companies that would rise to national prominence, such as Coleman, Mentholatum, Pizza Hut, White Castle and Koch Industries.

From the mansions of the early cattlemen to the industrial buildings of the twentieth century, the spirit of those who built Wichita into a manufacturing, financial, educational and cultural center lives on.

The city has standardized on Microsoft® technology including Windows,® SQL Server and Office. PSI software incorporates Microsoft® standards to ensure reliable, robust and progressively improving software.

In 1998, Progressive Solutions® responded to a Request for Proposal from Wichita, Kansas for business licensing, pet licensing and central cashiering. Progressive Solutions® was the only viable candidate! Consequently, the city has

successfully partnered with Progressive Solu­tions® for over ten years. According to Carla Palmer, City Treasurer: “With over 29,000 active pet owners, 70,000 registered dogs and over 5,600 active business licenses, it’s extremely important to operate efficiently.” The city utilizes LicenseTrack™ and PetTrack™ to process both business and pet licenses and to provide valuable information to other depart­ments through the use of ad hoc queries and custom reports. Both License­Track™ and PetTrack™ were configured to meet city specific requirements. For example, in the city of Wichita, most pet licenses are renewed by veterinarians.

Progressive Solutions® developed a method­ology where veterinarian payments for multi­ple pet owners are entered into Ca$hier­Central and automatically imported into PetTrack.™ Fur­thermore, Progressive Solutions® provided us with the means to audit individual payments to ensure that all funds due the city are properly remitted!

The Ca$hierCentral-centralized cash receipt­ing system handles over the counter and mail payments for the City and provides a complete set of detailed or consolidated entries for each day’s activities. It has been installed at the City Parks Department, Wichita Transit, the City Treasurer’s Office, the Environmental Health Department, the Police Department, the Express Office and even serves to facilitate accounting for city police auctions.

About Progressive Solutions®

Progressive Solutions,® developer of the LicenseTrack,™ PetTrack™ and Ca$hier­Central, brings heightened security, efficiency and convenience to users. Progressive Solutions® has incorporated next generation hardware and software technology enabling market-ready governmental enterprise solutions. Based in Brea, California, the company distri­butes their product through an extensive network of VAR and reseller channels and has entered into strategic partnerships.

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